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Consultation Service

With over 40 years of experience farming with horses, managing a modern draft horse breeding facility, as well as teaching both novice and experienced teamsters how to raise, train and work with draft horses, Dris and Melissa are uniquely prepared to help you with your specific situation. They are glad to work up a customized consulting program to fit your budget and achieve your unique needs.

Whether you are intersted in converting a tractor-powered operation to a fully horse-powered farm or one that uses mixed power, Dris and Melissa can help you choose what equipment you need and what type of horses would serve your needs best. They can show you how to set up your barn, pasture and paddock fencing; lay out your farm fields and schedule the crop rotation; and set up your field machinery so it provides efficient, safe and predictable results.

Take the guesswork out of setting up a horsepowered farm. By spending some time working with Dris and Melissa you can be quickly on the road to success with your horses. Call or write to schedule an initial consultation. Join the throng of satisfied customers Dris and Melissa have helped become better horsedrawn farmers.

Customized consultation can take place on your farm with your horses and equipment, or you can come to Heavy Horse Equipment in Brookston, Indiana, in 2014 or to our new location in Indiahoma, Oklahoma, in 2015, where you can recieve customized private instruction with our horses and equipment.

Consultation rates are $100 per day plus travel expenses when incurred.

You can also combine a day or two of private consultation with an existing workshop or clinic.

Heavy Horse Equipment | 22637 Highway 19 | Roosevelt OK 73564 | (765) 479-0369

Updated Aug 20, 2014.