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We arre developing a completely new line
of horse drawn field equipment designed for the modern horse farming operation.

Our tools will allow you to work more efficiently, safely and productively than you could have
ever imagined.

For much of our fieldwork we use the I&J Heavy Duty Ground Drive Forecart. It offers PTO power for our haymaking equipment including trailer mowers, rotary rakes and hay balers.

We have taken this useful forecart and made a number of improvements to make it more productive, effective and safer to operate for the driver and horses.

  • Redesigned tongue and neck yoke assembly to make turning less harsh on the horses.

  • Flexible evener attachment to keep line of draft constant with equipment being operated by cart.

  • Heavier tongue and evener assembly as it attaches to cart giving owner more adjustments and more security.

These are custom stalls we use at HHE for tie stalls and stock pens.

We can build and ship them to you or you can pick them up here.

At Heavy Horse Equipment, we have nearly a half century of experience farming with draft horses using modern equipment.

Put our experience to work for you. Call or write for details about our new and custom-built implements.

We can modify your existing equipment to make it more efficient for just $50 per hour, plus materials. We can then train you to be use that re-tooled implement as effectively as possible. Bring your horses or use some of ours.

  • Equipment is field-tested where it is built.

  • Built for maximum safety and productivity.

  • Custom built for your horses and your needs.

  • Complete equipment training is available.

  • Test the equipment in the field before you buy.

  • Bring your own horses to our facility or use ours.

  • We are open 24/7. Call or write to learn more.

  • We can retrofit your equipment to improve efficiency.

Heavy Horse Equipment | 22637 Highway 19 | Roosevelt OK 73564 | (765) 479-0369